Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucent China's revenue fell 9 Longa marriage to be laid off thousands

July 11, Jinshan and Flint software announced the formal partnership. The Flint software independently developed, adapted from "Water Margin" Q-cartoon online games, "Outlaws of the Marsh Biography Q" also ultimately determined by the Jinshan software agents operate, "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" is the Jinshan following the "Xianlvqiyuan 2" after the agent another one painting. Kingsoft software contract with Flint after Zhou Hongyi as angel investors who invest in the joint international top wind flint software investment 10 million U.S. dollars, and as a strategy for financing the shareholders.

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun, president and chief, said: "" Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography "is a widely anticipated Q version online games work on Kingsoft online games product line will be very useful." Thus, while operating online games as much as 7 Jinshan section, across the martial arts, fantasy, and Q-leisure and other topics.

"Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" Song for the historical background of China, efforts to render the traditional martial arts atmosphere, the "Water Margin" novels for the geographical areas of real background, joined the ancient Chinese fairy Demon, Medical Road, magic and lovely modern cartoon elements eventually form a virtual world full of magnificent fantasy. "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" screen in cartoon form of expression based on a blend of the quaint charm of traditional Chinese landscape painting, successfully reproduced the White Tiger Hall, Liangshan Shuibodu, Qinghe County, the classic "Water Margin" scenario, players can travel in person those who had only in places where the story. "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" of the character design is also called the industry's best and unique cartoon style, combined with oriental style dress, all true work. In the game, players can enter the history, Lin and Lu, etc., "Water Margin" 108 will have a direct exchange, but also to learn different skills. In addition, the characters humorous dialogue, "Jing Yanggang Tiger" and other classic stories reproduce, cute pets called "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" gives players a wonderful experience and legendary cartoon fantasy "The Water Margin World."

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